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The MS51 Crown has been moving along nicely. I haven’t posted enough about though. I started a build thread at the Japanese Nostalgic Car Forum, this is mostly the same information you’ll find there.


MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-2

If this is your first time reading about the Crown, here’s some background. It’s a 1970 MS51 Toyopet Crown. It’s fairly rare as it’s a Super Deluxe model coupe. As soon as I saw it, I knew we had to have it. Those giant front headlights were just so different from your typical classic car you see here. It’s in fairly good shape overall. Unfortunately we bought it as a runner, but it never ran once it got here. The engine was so full of sludge I had to dig out gobs of gunk just to find where the oil [...]



Right click and save as to download these wallpaper size!

Roadtrip Motorcars Aerocabin-1

East 10 Drift Round 6 Film BW-2

Finally got my film back, scanned, and color corrected. I’m never sending film out again. I thought the color film was gone forever. It disappeared for 5 days with no tracking updates. I process my own black and white, so now it looks like I’ll be processing everything…


East 10 Drift Color Film-9

These were shot with a Kiev 88 with a 300mm lens. Not the best setup for action photography, but the challenge was fun. Hope everyone enjoys the photos! Feel free to repost them, just leave the watermark. If you put them on Instagram or Facebook please tag us! Also if you know any of the drivers send them a link so [...]

We took a break from working on the Crown to attend a local drifting event. Definitely worth it. TN State of Drift, East10Drift, Traction Optional, and all the drivers put on a great show. It was our first time going out to a car event in the area, and we met a lot of great people. We can’t wait for the spring season to start so we can take the Aerocabin out to some meets here in Kentucky and Tennessee.


East 10 Drift Round 6-3




I can’t say I’m happy about the circumstances, but I recently spent a week working on our Soarer Aerocabin with my dad and grandfather. I’ve always lived several hundred to several thousand miles away, so it’s not something that I’ve had the chance to do very often. It made for a very memorable end to a stressful road trip.


It can take a long time to get something you want. I’d say I’ve been waiting about 15 years, and it’s finally happened. We have two JDM cars sitting in our garage. For the past few months we’ve been on the roller-coaster ride of importing two cars from Japan. A 1989 Toyota Soarer Aerocabin, and a 1970 Toyota Crown Coupe (MS51). This is the story.


I’m lucky and found a girlfriend who shares my enthusiasm for the strange. We had to delay and re-route our planned Lada road-trip. So earlier this year we decided to move up another crazy idea we’ve been planning for a long time. Importing from Japan. These two were a [...]

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