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Imported From Japan: Soarer Rebuild part 2 and Supras in Vegas

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I know it’s been awhile since our last update, but things have been really busy. We hope to get you all caught up with our progress in the next week. In our last post you read about Bird taking the engine out of the Soarer. Well at the beginning of September we put it back in.

The goal was to get the car running in time to take it to Supras in Vegas on September 20th. This photo was taken September 12th…so we really had our work cut out for us.


We got all the parts for the engine rebuild from Driftmotion – Head gasket, new pistons, bearings, transmission rebuild kit, various other gaskets etc.

The engine came back from the machine shop on a Tuesday (a week later than we planned) and we needed to leave the following Tuesday to make it to the show on time. Luckily we were able to get the transmission rebuilt before the engine came back. It was my first transmission rebuild, and I wanted to learn how to do it. We had the service manual, so I just followed along step by step (with some help from Bird) and got it done. It is a little difficult to do something like that without all the necessary “Special Service Tools” so you do have to get a little creative.


I highly recommend a parts washer if you have the space.


Ready to seal it back up!

P9091535 P9091547

Since we had the exhaust out of the car I took this opportunity to give it a good polish.


With such a short timeline to get the engine back in the car, we were really grateful that Bird’s uncle and dad came to help. Bird’s uncle has assembled many engines and without him everything would have taken twice as long. In a couple days they had everything together and ready to put in the car.

P9101573 P9101602



You know when you see on TV some shop where everyone is supposed to know what they’re doing and they have 3 weeks to get the car ready and they barely make it because the crank/cam timing is 180 out when they start the engine 10 hours after they were supposed to leave? That was us. We finally started the car on Tuesday night and the original plan was to be in Vegas by Thursday night.

Once we knew we would only have a week to get the car back together we realized there was no way we were going to have enough time to break it in before we needed to drive 1800 miles to Vegas. So we had to make the difficult decision to trailer the car to the show. At least it could get itself on and off the trailer!

We ended up leaving for Vegas at 4am Wednesday morning. Bird’s dad generously let us borrow his truck (Bird’s review coming soon) and we went ahead and bought a trailer since we’ll need one anyways.


The first day we made it to Illinois and the second night we had to stop for the night in Topeka because of hail up ahead (I would have done anything to keep this car from getting hail damaged, I’m just glad we checked the weather). We got to Vegas on Friday night.

There was just enough time to get some sleep and get the car washed before the show on Saturday morning. All of the hard work was worth it. Supras in Vegas was an awesome show and we met lots of cool people. We were entered in the ‘Off Topic’ category (mostly 2JZ swaps and some nice Lexus SC’s) and we won! We also got and award for traveling the furthest to get to the show.

We didn’t have time to take a ton of pictures, so here are some links to some of the show coverage with galleries.


Photo by Andrew H. Alvarez check out the whole album here.


Photo by Super Street magazine. Check out their event coverage here.

We have a lot more updates coming in the next couple of weeks, but the big announcement is that our company has a name! We are Roadtrip Motorcars and we’re based in Brownsville, Kentucky.

This post originally appeared on Oppositelock.

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