1970 MS51 Toyota Crown Coupe


Extremely rare MS51 Toyota (Toyopet) Crown 2 door hardtop. MS51 coupes were not originally sold in the US, and only a small number were produced for the Japanese market. They’re tough to find in any condition, and this may be the only example in North America. This vehicle was imported from Japan last year. The car arrived to us non-running, and upon inspection we determined the original engine was in extremely poor shape. We decided to do something a little special with the car, so we swapped in a 2JZ. To keep the old school flare, we ditched the fuel injection and decided to run a triple Weber carb setup. Lots of custom fabrication has went into the car to get it to this point. The aluminum manifold alone has countless hours in it. The engine fit very well since it was replacing another straight 6. Great care was taken to get it as low and set back as far as possible. Motor mounts are custom made with poly bushings, and mount to the stock locations on the frame.

The car gets an amazing amount of attention. I trailered it across the country, and we couldn’t stop for gas without answering lots of questions. With the engine swap it’s definitely a Japanese muscle car. It’s a Super Deluxe model making it even rarer. Super Deluxe options included a twin carb 2m engine (now removed for the 2JZ with Webers), tachometer (currently non-working), center console mounted clock, a dual speaker radio with auto scan function, power windows and locks, upgraded fender mirrors, and ornate upholstery featuring woven in Crown logos.

The best part of this car is the engine swap. The engine is a 3.0L 2JZGE from a MkIV Supra. The manifold for the carbs was made by modifying the original lower intake manifold. Many hours went into the fabrication of this, and photos of the process are included. The original injector ports were tapped for fittings, and a vacuum reservoir combines the vacuum from each individual runner for the power brakes. The carbs are brand new Spanish made Weber DCOE 45s. High quality components were used for all modifications to the engine. Linkage is made from very nice milled aluminum parts from Pierce Manifolds. Over $2000 was spent on the carb setup alone. Exhaust uses the stock manifolds and feeds into 2 1/2” dual pipes with glass packs. The stock 2JZ distributor was removed and has been replaced with a programable ignition system. The ignition is controlled by a Megajolt computer, and uses Ford EDIS components along with a stock Toyota crank sensor. To fit the crank sensor, a brand new Aisin (OEM) oil pump from a later model 2JZ was fitted. The later oil pump includes the sensor mount, and allows the use of 36-1 crank trigger wheel. The trigger wheel is also a modified new Toyota part built into the lower timing belt pulley. I like to use OEM components whenever possible for greater reliability. The timing belt and crank seal were also replaced at this time. Cam seals were in great shape and not leaking, so they were not replaced. I’ve found fixing things that aren’t broken often results in headaches. Two new cam seals will be included with the car as I had already purchased them before deciding against replacing them. To fit the engine into the frame required a custom lower oil pan to be made. Pan holds over 5 quarts of oil, and uses the factory plug and dipstick. Motor has strong oil pressure. Oil pressure, temp gauge, ammeter, and speedometer are all working. Tach is currently not functioning, possibly due to the new coil. I did attempt to wire the new coil(s) to the tach using diodes to combine the signal, but it did not work. A/C compressor is present but condition is unknown. To get A/C working, a new condenser and lines will be needed. Stock evaporator is in the dash, but condition is unknown. Stock heater core has a leak, and the heater line is currently looped with a restrictor in place. Catch will need to be installed for PCV system.

The car has also been converted to rack and pinion steering. The original steering box was very loose, and all of the joints in the stock steering were shot. Many of the parts for the steering are NLA, so we decided to improve what was there. The car uses a center pivot rack with custom brackets. Great care was taken to preserve the stock steering geometry so as to not affect bump steer or Ackerman. The rack is from a European Daewoo, but is the same J-body (Cavalier, Berreta, Saab) rack that many hot rodders use for this conversion, only in right hand drive form. That means that rebuild kits are easily available, and future serviceability should not be a problem.

The stock wheels were sent out to a shop in California where they were rebarreled. They started life as 14×5’s. The stock centers were then rebarreled into 15×7 and 15×8 chrome hoops. They really give the car an aggressive look. We have the stock center caps for the wheels, and they will be included. They need to be restored to be perfect, photos of them are included. Tires are brand new Kumhos. The stock spare wheel (same design) in the original 14×5 size is also included. The tire on it is a vintage Toyo Bias Ply. (You might want to replace that…)

The condition of the body is good, and very solid underneath. Frame is very solid with no rust. Floors are extremely solid with only minor surface rust in some areas. It seems the car has been undercoated more than once in its life, and was protected well. Underbody shots are included, showing the worst of it in the rear quarters. I would be happy to put the car on our lift and show any prospective buyer the condition. We can poke around with a screwdriver and show just how solid this car really is. I haven’t ‘cleaned up’ the underside so photos will accurately show the condition. I would be happy to to do so and spray on rust inhibitor before the vehicle leaves us for the new owner. The car has an older repaint, with previous rust repair in the rear quarters. Signs of the previous repairs are starting to show through. Rust is starting to peek through around both front and rear windows. The worst spot is a small area at the corner of the rear window. Photos are included highlighting these areas. Paint is fair, and looks great from 10 feet. The passenger side does have several large scratches (shown in photos). One side Crown logo is broken, but the missing piece is included, and could be repaired.

The interior I would consider in good shape for its age. The headliner and back seat are in great condition. The rear seat belts were found under the rear seat, and appear to have never been used. The passenger seat has tears in the seat bottom as shown in photos. Drivers seat is in much better shape. Carpet will need to be replaced. Door panels are in great shape though the lower carpet is faded on the drivers side. Trim for the door locks is currently not attached, but we do have them. They will need repair to the clips to fit them. Dash pad is peeling up from the dash as seen in photos. The power windows can be a bit finicky. All the motors work, but the switch contacts are causing them to operate slowly. The window regulators need work to be perfect.

Car is sold with a clean and clear Kentucky title. We have copies of all import documents, including the Japanese export certificate, CBP HS-7, EPA 3520-1, and CBP 3641 release forms. This vehicle is considered exempt from EPA and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and eligible to import free and clear due to its age. The vehicle can be registered in most states except California, but registration is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Please do your research and check local laws regarding emissions and inspections. Please contact us with any questions, or to make an appointment to view the vehicle. With this week being a holiday, please contact us prior to stopping by. Car is for sale locally, and we reserve the right to end the auction early. Bidders with zero or negative feedback please contact us prior to bidding, or your bid may be cancelled. A deposit of $1000 is due within 24 hours of auction close or the vehicle may be re-listed.

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