1971 Nissan Skyline 2000GT

Very Original



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A truly rare find! This Hakosuka Skyline 2000GT can be described as a true survivor car. It has had some paint work, but has not been cut for flares, and wears what appears to be an original rare vinyl top. The car is completely stock excluding the wheels. Even the stock radio and 8 track player are present. This car is also equipped with the dealer option AC unit, and it still blows cold and functions exactly as it should. The interior is excellent for it’s age. As is typical on these cars, the carpet has faded, but is still present and not torn up. The car also has original Skyline rubber mats. The drivers seat has a seam coming apart that we will have re-sewn, but otherwise the seats are in excellent shape. The dashpad unfortunately has one crack, but replacements are still available. The headliner does not sag, and all other trim panels are in good shape as well.


When the car arrived, it ran so well we didn’t think twice about taking the car on a 60 mile roundtrip on Kentucky backroads at night. We probably should have thought a little more about that, but we didn’t have any issues so it worked out fine! I’ve since replaced the plugs, distributor cap, rotor, and condenser, so now the car runs even smoother and happily revs up at the flick of the gas pedal.


This car is very solid, and in better condition than many I’ve seen. The floors, sills, and trunk of the car are in very solid shape with no rust. However there is some rust on the bottom of the passenger front fender, and some rust starting to appear around the windows as is typical for a car with a vinyl top. The best part of this car, is that no one has gotten their hands on it to slather the rust with bondo and give the car a ‘GTR look’ makeover as so many have had. The paint and condition is evident and honest with factory paint present in many places, unlike many of the other Hako’s out there. The issues with the car at this point are small, and have just started. It could be enjoyed as is, or fixed now before the issues grow.


We wanted to offer this car in it’s current condition first, as we know there are many people that would prefer to make the repairs and rebuild the car to their tastes. However, in the next few weeks we will most likely start the process of restoring the car. We’ve also sourced a set of Techno Phantoms for the car that can be included in the sale, as well as suspension parts to lower it. Contact us for pricing and more information.


*Odometer is 5 digits so we cannot verify the reading is accurate.

Year: 1971
Make: Nissan
Model: Skyline
Body Style: Coupe
Transmission: 4-Speed Manual
Condition: Used
Price: $42,500
Drivetrain: RWD
Engine: 2.0L L20 Straight 6
Exterior Color: Gold
Interior Color: Black
Odometer (KM): 58,000
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