1992 Autozam AZ-1


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Our freshly painted Autozam AZ-1 will be ready to go soon! We wanted to get a preliminary listing up because we have had several people inquire about the car. A full photo gallery and description will be added soon.

The car was fully disassembled and painted in PPG base/clear Ford Lithium Grey over House of Kolor black. In the photos above, some of the trim and hardware has not been put back on the car yet. All is present and will be re-attached after a final cut and buff of the new paint. Many hours were spent prepping and block sanding to get a high quality paint job, meaning the exterior condition is in near perfect shape. I also modified the front fenders to be at the same level as the hood when closed. That fixes the stock ‘buck tooth’ look these cars have since the hood is slightly lower than the bottom line of the fenders from the factory. Replacing some of the older faded trim would make the car absolutely perfect. A new AZ-1 decal will be applied to the rear finish panel in back to replicate the factory sticker. The car was previously in a small front end accident that damaged the front fenders but somehow not the hood. All damage has been fully repaired using appropriate 3m repair materials made for plastic panels. All repairs have been made to a very high standard, and you would never know it was in an accident if I hadn’t just told you. We disclose information like this when many other sellers don’t. We will also happily include a copy of the auction inspection sheet noting the accident and damage. We do this because we want your trust more than a few extra bucks.

The interior is in excellent condition. We had the seats re-foamed and recovered in factory style material to match the new exterior colors. The stock steering wheel has been replaced with a Momo aftermarket wheel. The center garnish of the wheel has been painted to match the exterior color. The previous owner had painted the plastic center console pieces, so those were also repainted to match the exterior. The grey blends very nicely with the interior, and actually looks tasteful unlike the red that was there previously.

The car is mechanically sound. It has 167,400km (104,000 miles), and the timing belt was changed at 116,500km’s. It will have a fresh oil change and spark plugs before it leaves us. The suspension and steering is tight. Aftermarket shocks and springs are present on the car. The ride is very nice, not so firm to rattle fillings out, but a little sportier than factory. The handling can be described as somewhere between a shifter kart and a Miata.

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Year: 1992
Make: Autozam
Model: AZ-1
Body Style: Coupe
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Condition: Used
Price: $16,250
Drivetrain: RWD
Engine: 660cc Mid-Engine
Exterior Color: Lithium Grey/Black
Interior Color: Black
Odometer (KM): 167400
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