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MS51 Crown Build Update

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The MS51 Crown has been moving along nicely. I haven’t posted enough about though. I started a build thread at the Japanese Nostalgic Car Forum, this is mostly the same information you’ll find there.


MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-2

If this is your first time reading about the Crown, here’s some background. It’s a 1970 MS51 Toyopet Crown. It’s fairly rare as it’s a Super Deluxe model coupe. As soon as I saw it, I knew we had to have it. Those giant front headlights were just so different from your typical classic car you see here. It’s in fairly good shape overall. Unfortunately we bought it as a runner, but it never ran once it got here. The engine was so full of sludge I had to dig out gobs of gunk just to find where the oil drain passages were in the head. We tried to revive it, but it was too far gone, and I wasn’t able to get the oil flowing again. At that point we decided to yank out the old 2m and put in something a little more interesting….a 2JZGE with a triple Weber setup.



MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-3 MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-4 MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-5

We previously lived in LA, but have relocated to Kentucky to start our business. I trailered the Crown across the country, and the reaction the car got was amazing. The old guys loved it, they didn’t know what it was, but they loved it. That was the most surprising to me.
MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-7
After we got it here to Kentucky we got to work. Please excuse the messy shop, we’re also simultaneously trying to fix up a vintage ’50s service station to operate out of.




MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-8 MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-9
Motor mounts being fabbed up. Overkill, but just in case someone decides to drop a 1000hp 2JZ in it someday…



MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-10 MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-11 MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-12 MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-13
I modified the stock 2JZ lower intake manifold to accept the Weber flanges. The port spacing on the 2JZ is almost exactly the same as the throat spacing on the Webers. You can see where the outermost intake runners needed to be straightened out to realign with the ports. The stock manifold has them sweep towards the center before connecting to the upper manifold.



MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-14 MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-15 MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-16
Here it is all tacked together and being test fit on the engine for the first time.



MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-17 MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-18
MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-19 MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-20

We’re doing more than just the engine swap too. I’m also converting it to rack and pinion with a Daewoo Lanos rack. It’s a center pivot rack, so I made a new ‘drag link’ that attaches to the rack with a bracket. This allowed me to keep the steering geometry correct. Step one was to make this stand-in mock-up to verify my measurements. I welded a couple pieces of tubing to the chassis and uses a string to represent where the new ‘drag link’ needed to be located.


MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-26

Here’s the new steering parts back from the machine shop. I think I might drill some ‘speed holes’ in it to lighten it up a bit. I think I went a little to far in the overkill this time…it’s really heavy, but it is a steering part. Can’t cut corners there.



MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-27
This is the actual steering rack that that bracket bolts onto. It’s a center pivot, meaning the tie rods attach in the center rather than the ends. This one is from a Daewoo Lanos. I have to wonder what the guy at the junkyard in Europe thought as he packaged that up to be sent to the US…If you’re doing a rack swap on a LHD car, you can find this same rack in LHD form in many Saabs, Chevy Berettas, Corsica’s, and early 90’s Cavaliers. If RHD, you’ll be looking for a UK or Australian spec Daewoo Lanos. Not sure about where else it was used in RHD.



MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-22 MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-23
Here you can see the crank sensor mount on the oil pump I was talking about. The new pump is from a VVTI 2J, the old is standard 2JZGE spec.



MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-25
Here it is mounted on the engine with the new modified lower timing gear and sensor (note this picture is upside down). The trigger wheel is built into the lower timing gear. Stock it was a 36-2 wheel, now it’s a 36-1. I tig’d the two missing teeth on, then shaped them with a hand file. After getting everything set up, I cut off one tooth at the right point to work with the Ford EDIS parts. For a 6-cylinder application the missing tooth needs to pass the sensor 60° BTDC.



MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-28
These are the EDIS components. I pulled them and the pigtails from a 90’s v6 Mustang. If you want the people at the junkyard to give you funny looks, go in and ask them if they have any 90’s v6 Fords, and if they have any Saabs Corsicas or Berettas…(I needed a bracket for the rack). Then when you come back to the office, ask them how much they want for the transmission out of the mkII Supra they have in the yard…they had no idea what I was working on…



MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-32
This is the computer that will actually control the timing. It’s a Megajolt unit that with a TPS sensor will allow me to tune with a 3d timing curve. Without the sensor I can still set the timing curve based on RPM. The great thing about this system, if the Megajolt were to fail, the Ford parts default timing to a limp home mode of 10° BTDC. One of the many reasons using factory parts is awesome. Manufacturers pay a lot of money to design these parts, I try to use that whenever I can.



MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-29 MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-30 MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-40 MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-39 MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-38 MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-45 MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-37
I also pulled the steering column. Now to go from Toyota column to Daewoo rack. I got it done with two u-joints and a support for the shaft.



MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-31

These are the fittings I need for my vacuum system. I’m going to tap the injector bungs on the manifold for these. I needed a place to pull vacuum from each runner, and I needed to plug those holes, these will solve both those problems. They’re 1/4 NPT to 1/4 push lock tubing swivels. I think they should make for a clean install. They’ll run to a custom reservoir.  I decided to repurpose the old A/C drier into that.



MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-44 MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-42 MS51 Crown 2JZ Build-41

And here is the finished manifold ready to mount up.


More updates soon! Follow us on Instgram for the most up to date photos!

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